Taliesin Timeline
Taliesin Timeline
Taliesin Timeline





Taliesin Timeline, (graphic design: Val M. Cox, form# 42.011, printed graphic in nine sections
with credit panel, 36 x 864” overall).
Views as installed at Taliesin West, November 2007 and, updated, in November 2012.

Concept by Susan Jacobs Lockhart and Gerald Lee Morosco, design by Val M. Cox, and
produced with contributions from numerous colleagues. 2012 coordination by Victor Sidy.
(See credits among the pdf offerings.)

A commemoration of the 2,250-plus individuals who have comprised the Taliesin Fellowship
from 1932 to the present, including timelines of building designs and corresponding world
and Taliesin events.

In 2007, for the first time in the community, an acknowledgement was created to acknowledge
all who had lived and/or worked at Taliesin. As a result, information included in the installation
now forms a permanent record of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, available for access and
enrichment for generations to come. The "Timeline" was updated and reinstalled
at Taliesin West in November 2012.

Click HERE for pdf versions of the Timeline.


all content copyright Val M Cox except as noted